TwhiskyOne of the things we do is stage online tastings using Twitter.

And, of course, Twitter + Whisky = Twhisky.

Here’s how it works:

1) Follow us on Twitter;

2) Before a scheduled Twhisky tasting, we’ll announce the date, time and theme of the tasting both here on the blog and on Twitter;

3) Generally speaking, we’ll let you know which whiskies we’ll be tasting, so that you can get yourself one or two (or more) at your local store or online – so that you can taste along with us;

4) In the case of ‘special tastings’, we’ll simply do the tastings at our end and report our findings. These would be for the rare or expensive whiskies that are harder to acquire, but which you may be interested to hear about.

5) In the case of ‘casual tastings’ – we’ll have what we’re having, you have whatever you’re having, and we’ll just talk about that. A glass of your favourite dram in good company;

6) The most important thing about Twhisky tastings is what YOU think. This is NOT about experts telling you how it is, but about experiencing and enjoying whisky in the company of other enthusiasts – some brand new, some more seasoned.

Follow along with us, send us ‘@’ messages with your thoughts and impressions and join in the fun.

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