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Hi – just a quick note to let you know that, if you hadn’t picked it up from the Twhisky feed on Twitter, we’re going to be tasting three 12 year old whiskies this weekend:

Old Pulteney

We’ll be tweeting our impressions throughout the tasting, and we’d love to hear what you have to say about each. The whole event will take place over a couple of hours – and we don’t assume any prior knowledge of whisky tasting.

You don’t have to be a connoisseur – just willing to try some new flavours and experiences. You can have any or all of the three whiskies at your disposal, or you can just be a spectator. It’s up to you.

If you joined us last time, the format will be more or less the same. If not, you’ll get a sense of it as you go along – but there are some useful tips at this older blog post.

Join in, 8PM GMT this Sunday 15th Feb – just follow us on @twhisky and we’ll see you then.


  1. Best of luck with the event! Hope it’s at least as successful as the first one.

    Again, I have social commitments: but I do certainly hope to partake in a future one!

  2. Men…good luck wi the tasting on Sunday. I may join you, but my spare dosh is currently supporting my eldest on her world tour. Bummer!

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