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Dubber & Clutch

We had a great night hosting the inaugural Twhisky event last night for the 250th Robbie Burns anniversary, and want to thank all of the people who participated. A few of the highlights for us included:

* Almost 600 people following Twhisky;

* 100 people actively responding and engaging with the event;

* Being a “trending topic” on Twitter – alongside Obama, Australia Day, Chinese New Year and Slumdog Millionaire;

* A mention by internet celebrity Robert Scoble (over 50,000 followers!);

* Some really entertaining moments along the way;

* Giving a Jura book prize away on the night;

* Raising some money for the Robbie Burns Fundraiser;

* The great time we had with good food, good friends and some brilliant malts.


We tasted three drams on the night: Aberlour 10; Isle of Jura 10; and Laphroaig 10. All of them different, all distinct and all enjoyed. Here are some of our favourite ‘tweets’ about each from the participants in Twhisky:


Isle of Jura


Your thoughts?
Thanks so much for a brilliant event, everyone – and we look forward to the next one. Stay following @twhisky for details of the next event – and feel free to drop us a note with any comments, feedback or suggestions for improvement for next time.

If you want to scan through all of the Twhisky goings-on for the evening, here’s the Twitter search results for the term: over 30 pages of discussion(!).


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