The trip to Jura: The Crossing

On the boat

We made it to Tayvallich in good time, and jumped aboard the boat that was to take us across from the mainland to Jura, bypassing Islay altogether. At first, it was a lovely ride – fresh air, and a swift skim across the top of mainly flat seas…

But then we left the shelter of the bay and our skipper Nicholl headed us out into open water.

Cara was decidedly green by this point, and Clutch was a little unsteady on his feet (despite not having had a drop yet), though surprisingly – I was fine on the boat. In fact, the air and the speed across open water (however lumpy) served as a great antidote to the car sickness I’d experienced on the drive up there.

Some amazing sights along the way: shorefront castles, towering boulders, lighthouses with seals reclining in front – all of which I managed to take indistinct and blurry photographs of, none of which I shall bore you with here.

But then our fortunes changed, and things were not as they should be.

But it wouldn’t be a day on the job for Dubber and Clutch if things didn’t go slightly awry at one point or another. I believe Nicholl’s a very good swimmer anyway…

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