That’s Mr Ambassador to you

We were recently approached by Visit Scotland to be ambassadors for the Scottish Year of Food and Drink. We of course agreed, and eagerly await the arrival of our ambassadorial cars, armed security and the ability to commit crimes abroad without fear of prosecution.

In the meantime, we get to put the above logo on our website, and we were asked a couple of questions to put in the Visit Scotland marketing material about this Year of Food and Drink.

We were asked:

1) What we love about Scottish food/drink

Despite the fact that one has a kiwi accent, Dubber and Clutch have strong roots in Scotland, and there is perhaps nothing that captures the flavour, culture and history of Scotland more than single malt scotch whisky. It’s the taste of the land itself: the waters and the grain. It’s the aroma of the peat and the heather, the honey and the sea. It’s diverse and regional, strong and complex, engaging and interesting, with so many stories to tell.

2) Our favourite place to eat / thing to eat / restaurant:

On the isle of Jura, right next to the distillery, there’s a restaurant called Antlers. There, chef Grahame Pettit serves a dish of local venison seared in 16 year-old Jura whisky. We had it for breakfast.

The good news is that Clutch and I are back off to Jura for an exciting project in about six weeks time that we can’t wait to tell you about. It involves music, the internet, boats and whisky. Hopefully, it’ll also involve some of that fine Scottish food as well.

Can’t see how it could fail to, really…

Click to find out more about the Scottish Year of Food and Drink.

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