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The Things You Do For Love… 3

My wife and I are expecting a baby boy VERY soon. I have a desire to be debt free by the time he arrives (he’s scheduled to land on the 19th April…) as I feel that it’s one of the more responsible actions I’m likely to take in my adult life, and seeing as I’m […]

Midges and the failcloths 1

Stylish cycling headgear shown not to bother native insect life Months before leaving for Islay, Clutch warned me of the “wee biting beasties” of the Hebrides. He even went so far as to provide me with a special insect repellent cloth that when worn (or perhaps rubbed into the skin – I didn’t read the […]

Singing sands 2

One of my ‘things to do before I die’ has always been to visit one of the few beaches in the world that purport to have singing sands. It’s a type of beach with special sand composition from specific rock (don’t ask me which) that when conditions are right, apparently produce tones when walked across […]

Jazzfail 1

One of the main reasons Clutch and I went to Islay when we did, was to make the most of the Islay Jazz Festival. Clutch is a musician and composer, and while jazz isn’t his usual idiom, he’s been known to dabble. I moonlight as a jazz radio broadcaster from time to time. So aside […]

Locals 3

By and large the locals we encountered on our travels about Islay were all fine characters. Some individuals in particular stuck in our minds though. They were mostly to be found in The Ardview Inn, which is an establishment located on the shorefront of Port Ellen. It had been recommended to us by Ashley, the […]