Postcards from Scotland

Clutch and I are off to the Islay jazz festival, about which all you need to know is jazz, in whisky distilleries, on Islay.

We’re gone Wednesday to Monday. At the end of day 1, we already have far too many things to report – and it’s become clear that our original plan of a daily summary of events would be too much writing and far too much reading. It would also seem that we had been drinking rather a lot.

So instead, I’m going use a device I employed on a recent trip to New Zealand: shortish ‘snapshot’ posts that act as a sort of postcard from our travels. It doesn’t really matter if they’re comprehensive, chronological or even coherent. They’re impressionistic insights into the touring whisky duo.

So over the next few days or possibly weeks, we’ll post things that we thought were notable or memorable – perhaps a photo or a quick video – and some short explanation.

And I thought we could start with something we happened to see on the streets of Glasgow after our plane arrived from Birmingham, but before our bus departed to Kennacraig. By the time the above video was taken, we had sampled an Auchentoshan Three Wood, and a Bowmore Surf at the airport before we’d even left (we’re talking 6am) so we were off to a good start.

Something quite ‘American Beauty meets Forest Gump’ about that scene. Feel free to add your own soundtrack.

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