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Us at Ardbeg
Fresh sea air and exercise at Ardbeg

We visited the Ardbeg and Laphroaig distilleries today, and did the tours. We also sampled a few drams along the way. By our count, 14:

    Ardbeg – Blasda
    Ardbeg – Rennaissance
    Ardbeg – Corryvreckan
    Ardbeg – Still Young
    Ardbeg – Uigedail
    Laphroaig – 10 year old cask strength
    Laphroaig – 15 year old
    Laphroaig – Quarter cask
    Laphroaig – Cairdeas
    Laphroaig – 17 year old (1988)
    Bruichladdich – Moine Mhor
    Bruichladdich – Murray McDavid 1989
    Jura – Murray McDavid 1989
    Black Bottle – Islay Blend

But, of course these were only tiny tastings and we spread it throughout the day, ate healthily and cycled for miles. Wouldn’t like you to think we were out here on Islay getting drunk or anything…

We were also very sensible about our purchases. We bought a bottle each of the Cairdeas (almost pronounced ‘car chase’), which is only available at the Laphroaig distillery. Limited edition, released for their whisky festival last year. You can’t get it retail anywhere – not even online stores. £40 a bottle.

We got back to the B&B and went straight online to confirm our suspicions. There’s a bottle up for sale on eBay already for twice that amount. So even if we sell one of them the moment we get back, the one we drink was free.

And for the record – it’s awesome.

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  1. Eagerly awaiting the online tasting. I tried the 1/4 cask the other day. Everything else has suffered by comparison since. And I don’t just mean whisky. I mean, everything in my life.

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