Mastering the elements


We had an amazing dinner at Antlers Restaurant with Cara Laing (brand manager for Jura), Distillery manager Willie Cochrane and his wife Rose, Head Brewer Billy and his wife Dorothy. We ate Jura venison, roasted salmon, haddock pate, black pudding and goats cheese, homemade lemon icecream and cheesecake – followed by an entire bottle of Jura 16 year-old between us.

WATER ABV49 – Bourbon cask
Nose: salt, seaweed, blackberry, white pepper, apricot, heathery honey
Taste: Tabasco, leather, raspberry, grapefruit,
Finish: old-fashioned boiled sweets, pencil shavings,

AIR ABV46 – Manzanilla
Nose: Fudge, vanilla, tablet, piranha pine, hay, old straw
Taste: Brazil nuts, fish oil, chipotle, balsa wood, raw mushroom
Finish: salt, rope, rescue remedy, orange peel, bicarbonate of soda

FIRE ABV46 – Bourbon cask
Nose: Highland toffee, creme caramel, tulips
Taste: Orange, dried peel, allspice, cloves
Finish: cocoa, smoke, brown rice, melon

EARTH ABV46 – heavily peated
Nose: Truck tyres, burnt rubber, cloves, walnut, leather, mahogany, pitch, rosin
Taste: peat, smoke, salt, ash, tea chests, ginger, licorice, seven kinds of awesome
Finish: woodsmoke, toast, lemon, star anise

It’s one in the morning – and we’re done working, so we’re off to the ceilidh.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a good weekend. Some of these tasting notes are a trifle whacky. I’m not sure what you’ve been eating in the past, but pirana pine is a new one on me! Each to their own I suppose. Good luck with the website. I’ll give the twitter a go and join in with the next taster you do, might convince a few of my pals as well. All the best, Iain.

  2. Hallo Fritz,sorry, wir haben es jetzt erst gelesen! Mein Sohn Raphael sadf am 30.09. auf einem Baum. Ich habe ein Foto wo man ihn auf dem Baum szeitn sieht, der Wasserstrahl zielt genau in seine Richtung. Dieses Bild wurde wohl auch, laut Skerl (weidf nicht ob der sich so schreibt) im Untersuchungsausschudf angeschaut. Raphael we4re auch bereit eine Anzeige zu machen. Kann dir das Foto gerne zu schicken.Liebe GrfcdfeHelga

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