Don’t call it a whisky

My housemate came back from the Isle of Man, and brought back a bottle of Manx. At first glance, we thought it was new make spirit – whisky that’s not old enough to be called whisky (3 years), but then we looked into it properly and were surprised to learn that it’s not.

It’s something much stranger.

Manx is re-distilled.

They make whisky – proper whisky, aged properly – and then put it back in the stills for another go. The result is a colourless spirit that is a remarkably smooth, whisky-like drink.

There’s no colour to speak of at all. On the nose, it’s light and delicate. The palate is a little honeyed, but not sweet – and there’s a longish, warm finish.

An interesting dram to say the least, and one we were very pleasantly surprised with.

You can find Manx Spirit on the Isle of Man – or here at their website.

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