Jura adventure begins

We’re off to Jura this weekend to sample the three new ‘Paps of Jura’ expressions being launched by the Isle of Jura distillery. We get to meet some amazing people, sample some great whisky and generally have a fabulous weekend on the Hebridean island of Jura.

It’s a train up to Glasgow from Birmingham, a ferry to Islay, a car to the other side of the island, another ferry, and a bus. This is phase one.

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  1. Jura (the island, not the malt) is my favourite place in the world. Spend two weeks there with my brother. Hiked to the actual Paps, slept two nights in someone elses fishing hut on Loch An t-siob. I remember lying awake at night on the floor of the hut, which sits out over the water, looking along the surface of the loch, which was like glass, and feeling very well looked after. Then we headed a little north, joining one of the only paths on the island, to Glen Battrick, where we watched from a distance as some toffs played on their jetski and quad bike. Followed a herd of deer down to the shore at Lock Tarbert. Then a day kicking around a tennis ball on a perfect beach, and the next trudging along the soggy shore to Cruib Lodge bothy, where an almighty storm rolled in an had us trapped there for 2 days, with a little mouse for company.

    Sorry, rather an off topic comment. Actually, not, because for me, the love of whisky and the love of wild places overlap. So, there, thats why I will always pick a bottle of Jura off the shelve, given a chance.

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