Bowmore 8 year-old Feis Ile 2008

Another 2008 festival bottling, this time from a distillery just 20 miles around the Islay coast from Bruichladdich (we cycled it – and can reassure you that going across the sand flats when the tide is out is not a short cut).

This is one of only 800 bottles, individually numbered, signed by the distillery manager, and presented in a nice black bag. Have a closer look here.

We tasted this and found it a little young but certainly very drinkable (though for special occasions, the Bowmore 18 is the one to hunt down. That’s amazing…).

At cask strength, it could certainly take a fair bit of water, and there was a little bit of dark chocolate and a little bit of stone fruit going on (we discussed nectarines and peaches). A few surprises up its sleeve, though it could possibly have improved with a bit more time in the wood.

All the same, definitely one to have on the shelf, because they’ll be gone very soon, as these festival bottlings usually are.

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