Feis Ile stopover

Of course, while we were in Jura, it was the beginning of the Islay festival: the Feis Ile, for which the distilleries on the island tend to do special bottlings. We were very keen to get our hands on one or two.

Of course, when you’re the guest of one distillery, you have to use cunning in order to nip out to go shopping for another distillery’s wares – even on special occasions like this. So on the bus ride back from Jura, over on the ferry to Islay, and then to the Islay airport from where we were headed back to Glasgow, we made excuses and pleaded to be allowed to stop to pick up “some sweets” for the journey.

Alex, the bus driver was more than happy. We think Cara, the Jura brand manager may have been somewhat suspicious, but we think we might have got away with it. Especially with that inconspicuous bag Clutch was waving around.


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