Dalmore Rivers Collection: The Tweed Dram

Photo by christianvassdal

Known as perhaps the best and most prolific of the salmon-fishing rivers, the Tweed River is both celebrated and supported by the release of the third of this series of Dalmore rivers collection bottlings: the Tweed Dram.

A lighter and more delicate scotch than the previous two (Tay and Dee), this has a more honeycomb and marzipan nose to it, with a touch of pear. The palate is marmalade and allspice with barley sugars. Honey on the medium-length finish with a slight nut and caramel tone to the aftertaste.

If you’re looking for a slightly sweeter and mellower dram, this would be a very good choice, and you can feel good about the £4 or so that goes toward the preservation of Britain’s best salmon waterway.

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