Dalmore Castle Leod

The view from here So, if you’ve been wondering why the silence from this end of the whisky tasting operation, it’s because I’ve been busy renovating, selling and moving house. Something which automatically calls for a dram. The family and I have relocated to Fife. Rural enough without being remote, and fine for transport in… Continue reading Dalmore Castle Leod

Mastering the elements

We had an amazing dinner at Antlers Restaurant with Cara Laing (brand manager for Jura), Distillery manager Willie Cochrane and his wife Rose, Head Brewer Billy and his wife Dorothy. We ate Jura venison, roasted salmon, haddock pate, black pudding and goats cheese, homemade lemon icecream and cheesecake – followed by an entire bottle of… Continue reading Mastering the elements

Twhisky this Sunday

Hi – just a quick note to let you know that, if you hadn’t picked it up from the Twhisky feed on Twitter, we’re going to be tasting three 12 year old whiskies this weekend: Dalmore Auchentoshan Old Pulteney We’ll be tweeting our impressions throughout the tasting, and we’d love to hear what you have… Continue reading Twhisky this Sunday

Twhisky Phenomenon

We had a great night hosting the inaugural Twhisky event last night for the 250th Robbie Burns anniversary, and want to thank all of the people who participated. A few of the highlights for us included: * Almost 600 people following Twhisky; * 100 people actively responding and engaging with the event; * Being a… Continue reading Twhisky Phenomenon

Singing sands

One of my ‘things to do before I die’ has always been to visit one of the few beaches in the world that purport to have singing sands. It’s a type of beach with special sand composition from specific rock (don’t ask me which) that when conditions are right, apparently produce tones when walked across… Continue reading Singing sands