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Jazzfail 1

One of the main reasons Clutch and I went to Islay when we did, was to make the most of the Islay Jazz Festival. Clutch is a musician and composer, and while jazz isn’t his usual idiom, he’s been known to dabble. I moonlight as a jazz radio broadcaster from time to time. So aside […]

Locals 3

By and large the locals we encountered on our travels about Islay were all fine characters. Some individuals in particular stuck in our minds though. They were mostly to be found in The Ardview Inn, which is an establishment located on the shorefront of Port Ellen. It had been recommended to us by Ashley, the […]

Whisky snob FAIL 19

As seen on the whisky menu at the Harbour Inn Restaurant, Bowmore.

Postcard: sea legs 0

Clutch braves the elements

Postcard: bikes FTW! 2

Wheeee! We rented bikes on Islay and this has been our main mode of transport in fair weather and torrential downpour. We did a good, leisurely 7 or 8 miles yesterday just to get the hang of it again after all these years. Within that range from Port Ellen (where we’re staying) lie Laphroaig, Lagavulin […]