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Feis Ile stopover 2

Of course, while we were in Jura, it was the beginning of the Islay festival: the Feis Ile, for which the distilleries on the island tend to do special bottlings. We were very keen to get our hands on one or two. Of course, when you’re the guest of one distillery, you have to use […]

Tour of Jura 0

We were really on Jura for the whisky, but the island itself was as much the star attraction. I thought you might like to see a few of the snaps we took on our tour around… Press play, then click the little ‘arrows’ button on the bottom right hand side to see the shots full-screen.

And that's what it's all about 2

I experienced my first ceilidh (pron. kaylee, apparently) last night. Not having been brought up in the kind of place that has ceilidhs on a regular basis (or indeed, any basis at all), it was something I’d heard of but had not experienced. I thought I had a fair idea what one might involve. I […]

Jura lodge 2

Thought we’d show you around the lodge…

The trip to Jura: The Crossing 1

We made it to Tayvallich in good time, and jumped aboard the boat that was to take us across from the mainland to Jura, bypassing Islay altogether. At first, it was a lovely ride – fresh air, and a swift skim across the top of mainly flat seas… But then we left the shelter of […]