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Finland: Winter Warmth And Whisky 1

I’m across in Finland at the moment for a project based on The Kalevala. Luckily for me, I have a good friend, Tomas, who’s kindly putting me up during my stay, thus reducing the not-insubstantial cost of living whilst over here. He’s also responsible for some of the best photography I’ve seen, and having offered […]

Mario recommends… 3

UK trumpeter Matt Halsall with Mario from Mario’s bar Another tale of European travel. I was in Genoa in the northern part of Italy a week or so back, and as is my way, I decided to go looking for a single malt. To my delight, it seemed that every bar in town had a […]

Frysk Hynder 2

I’ve been doing a little travel lately, and have found myself in some interesting places. And while the travel itself wasn’t whisky-related specifically, I did take it upon myself to at least inject a bit of a whisky theme into the proceedings. I was in the North of Holland doing some (un)consultancy and was taken […]

Happy Father’s Day! Now, Who’d Like To Go To Jura? 1

So, the paternal readership of this will probably be curled up on the sofa with the Sunday papers and a dram in their hand… Doesn’t get much better than that really, eh? But wait…. Yes it does! We’ve just been alerted by the lovely people at Jura Distillery, that they’re offering a trip for two […]

Impromptu Compass tasting 1

I was in Manchester for the past couple of days, I took a stroll around, and I was intrigued to find a pretty cool-looking specialist wine shop. Thought I’d pop in to see if there’s much in the way of whisky on offer. Ben Stephenson from Hanging Ditch was kind enough to introduce me to […]