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Whisky snob FAIL 19

As seen on the whisky menu at the Harbour Inn Restaurant, Bowmore.

Postcard: bikes FTW! 2

Wheeee! We rented bikes on Islay and this has been our main mode of transport in fair weather and torrential downpour. We did a good, leisurely 7 or 8 miles yesterday just to get the hang of it again after all these years. Within that range from Port Ellen (where we’re staying) lie Laphroaig, Lagavulin […]

Postcard: the story so far 1

Fresh sea air and exercise at Ardbeg We visited the Ardbeg and Laphroaig distilleries today, and did the tours. We also sampled a few drams along the way. By our count, 14: Ardbeg – Blasda Ardbeg – Rennaissance Ardbeg – Corryvreckan Ardbeg – Still Young Ardbeg – Uigedail Laphroaig – 10 year old cask strength […]

Postcard: LaPhrog on tour 0

It’s important to reiterate that I had never actually seen a real live frog until fairly recently. Now, it seems every time I drink whisky with Clutch, one appears. I’m starting to think it’s the same one each time, and he’s followed us to Scotland. It was chucking it down with torrential rain when Clutch […]

Postcards from Scotland 0

Clutch and I are off to the Islay jazz festival, about which all you need to know is jazz, in whisky distilleries, on Islay. We’re gone Wednesday to Monday. At the end of day 1, we already have far too many things to report – and it’s become clear that our original plan of a […]