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Penderyn on St David’s Day 7

Single malt from Wales Partly to celebrate St David’s Day today – but mostly because it was long overdue, Clutch and I decided to try the samples of Penderyn that the Welsh Whisky company had kindly sent us. Nose: Custard, vanilla, tangerine, honey-roasted peanuts, tiny touch of smoke. Palate: Flumps. Seriously: Flumps. Also, condensed milk, […]

Manx 0

Don’t call it a whisky My housemate came back from the Isle of Man, and brought back a bottle of Manx. At first glance, we thought it was new make spirit – whisky that’s not old enough to be called whisky (3 years), but then we looked into it properly and were surprised to learn […]

Back To The Future 2

Slàinte mhath! A very Happy New Year to you all. Although we’ve only just said farewell to last year, I’m going to ask you all to come on a journey with me back through time…. Cast your minds back to seven months ago, and some of you may recall that on the 12th June we […]

Merry New Year 0

Photo by practicalowl Hi – Compliments of the season and all that. We’ve been having a bit of a hiatus from the online whisky tastings for a little while. I’ve been travelling rather a lot these last six months, and Clutch has been altogether too wrapped up in the whole new dadhood thing. Plus, when […]

Frysk Hynder 2

I’ve been doing a little travel lately, and have found myself in some interesting places. And while the travel itself wasn’t whisky-related specifically, I did take it upon myself to at least inject a bit of a whisky theme into the proceedings. I was in the North of Holland doing some (un)consultancy and was taken […]