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The problem with that Talisker promotion 28

I was telling some friends about the Talisker promotion (as you do) and we were meeting in town anyway, so we went down to Bacchus Bar, which is where Clutch and I got our lovely glasses from last night. I asked the woman behind the bar for two Taliskers, and she served them in the […]

The Talisker Weeble 3

Talisker have a promotion on at the moment. It started on Saturday, and it’s lasting till Burns Night this Sunday (did we mention there’s a Twhisky event on Sunday?). Buy a glass of Talisker from certain approved outlets (our most convenient approved bar is Bacchus in the Birmingham City Centre), and you’ll receive a free […]

Tasting notes 0

I have a Moleskine notebook. I’d wanted one for years, and I could never justify the fact that they are so much more expensive than anything else out there in that category of product. But once I actually bought one in a moment of self-indulgence, I realised what the cost factor was. Moleskine notebooks are […]

Back for a drink 0

There’s this sense you get, when you’re talking to someone who knows a little bit more about something you’re interested in, that they have access to something that’s just a little bit outside your reach. Like when you play chess or tennis against someone you know can beat you – but they have to work […]