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Whisky bottle design insanity 4

There’s a great blog post about packaging design and antique bottles, inspired by this monstrosity from Highland Park. After seeing the packaging design for Highland Park 50 year old it made me think back to the days that I don't actually have any memories of; the days when there wasn't a bunch of goofy stuff on a […]

Finland: Winter Warmth And Whisky 1

I’m across in Finland at the moment for a project based on The Kalevala. Luckily for me, I have a good friend, Tomas, who’s kindly putting me up during my stay, thus reducing the not-insubstantial cost of living whilst over here. He’s also responsible for some of the best photography I’ve seen, and having offered […]

Tour of Jura 0

We were really on Jura for the whisky, but the island itself was as much the star attraction. I thought you might like to see a few of the snaps we took on our tour around… Press play, then click the little ‘arrows’ button on the bottom right hand side to see the shots full-screen.

Jamie on island life 0

Jamie works at the Isle of Jura distillery, and lives on the island. We asked him for a chat, just to get a different take on life on Jura. Apparently it isn’t all ceilidhs, venison and gorgeous whisky. Some people even entertain the idea of leaving. But just for a while. You always come back […]

And that's what it's all about 2

I experienced my first ceilidh (pron. kaylee, apparently) last night. Not having been brought up in the kind of place that has ceilidhs on a regular basis (or indeed, any basis at all), it was something I’d heard of but had not experienced. I thought I had a fair idea what one might involve. I […]