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Happy Father’s Day! Now, Who’d Like To Go To Jura? 1

So, the paternal readership of this will probably be curled up on the sofa with the Sunday papers and a dram in their hand… Doesn’t get much better than that really, eh? But wait…. Yes it does! We’ve just been alerted by the lovely people at Jura Distillery, that they’re offering a trip for two […]

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse 1

I’ve spent part of this afternoon digging through the many photos (over 200) and videos (over 40) of our time on Jura last week. I knew there was something else I wanted to share with you before I let Clutch step in to be the real expert and tell you about the Jura Paps range […]

Sneak preview: SSS 7

One of the real pleasures of this job (it’s a job?!) is that occasionally you get to try things that just aren’t out on the market yet. Jura distiller Willie Cochrane brought out a bottle cryptically labelled ‘SSS’ and Clutch and I were offered an impromptu tasting in the still room. It’s really quite a […]

Tour of Jura Distillery 5

Master Distiller Willie Cochrane kindly showed us around the Jura Distillery. We thought you might like to join us for that. Part 1: The Mash House Part 2: The Tun Room Part 3: The Still Room Part 4: The Spirit Safe What an absolute privilege to get a private tour like that from such a […]