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Win the Dubber and Clutch Premium Blend whisky 2

Earlier this week, we made a special, one of a kind blended malt whisky while we were at the Glengoyne distillery. We tasted it and we’re very happy with it, and it’s utterly unique. And this is it right here: the only bottle of Dubber and Clutch Premium Blend whisky in the world. We’d like […]

The Glenrothes Adventure part 5: Tradition & Competition 0

Now, if you’re going to enter this ‘Glenrothes Whisky Maker‘ competition that starts on Monday, you’ll want to be aware of some things. The first is that there is a tradition in Rothes House: guests cook breakfast. Competitively. Be prepared for that. Anyone who’s ever stayed in Rothes House has been up at the crack […]

The Glenrothes Adventure part 4: The Inner Sanctum 0

After all our hard work making the barrels, and touring the distillery, it was finally time to sample some of the fruits of our labour (or rather, the labour of others over the past decades). This is what we whisky writers like to call ‘the whole point of the exercise’. And what a fantastic tasting […]

The Glenrothes Adventure part 2: Hangin’ with Mr Cooper 0

There’s your bits and pieces – now get to it Clutch and I have a saying: Ordeals beget treats. We’re thinking of having it made into a coat of arms. Essentially, it reflects the fact that everything we do together that has an element of difficulty about it (like that time we thought it would […]

The Glenrothes Adventure part 1: Welcome to Rothes House 2

Clutch is out of the country at the moment, and so I had my first solo whisky adventure up in the Northeast of Scotland this week. I was invited to visit The Glenrothes distillery in Speyside to learn more about the process of making whisky, meet the people, sample the food and incredible malts… and […]