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The Glenrothes Adventure part 2: Hangin’ with Mr Cooper 0

There’s your bits and pieces – now get to it Clutch and I have a saying: Ordeals beget treats. We’re thinking of having it made into a coat of arms. Essentially, it reflects the fact that everything we do together that has an element of difficulty about it (like that time we thought it would […]

The Glenrothes Adventure part 1: Welcome to Rothes House 2

Clutch is out of the country at the moment, and so I had my first solo whisky adventure up in the Northeast of Scotland this week. I was invited to visit The Glenrothes distillery in Speyside to learn more about the process of making whisky, meet the people, sample the food and incredible malts… and […]

That’s Mr Ambassador to you 0

We were recently approached by Visit Scotland to be ambassadors for the Scottish Year of Food and Drink. We of course agreed, and eagerly await the arrival of our ambassadorial cars, armed security and the ability to commit crimes abroad without fear of prosecution. In the meantime, we get to put the above logo on […]

The Scotch Whisky Experience 0

On our recent visit to Edinburgh, we did as every good tourist should and paid a visit to the Scotch Whisky Experience, which is at the top of the big hill, next to the big castle, opposite the big hall of mirrors. There are lots of reasons to go there – not least of which […]

A visit to Daftmill 0

You’ll notice that this blog post is neither right up to date, nor chronologically sequential with the other recent posts. Or you won’t. At any rate, this pertains to a visit we made to a distillery while we were on our way to St Andrews a couple of weeks back. Daftmill is the newest distillery […]