Dalmore Rivers Collection: The Dee Dram

Photo by aldenchadwick

The second in the series of the four Dalmore Rivers whiskies is the Dee Dram. Quite a different character to the Tay I tasted yesterday. It’s more bitter – not in an unpleasant way, but in the way that dark chocolate, espresso beans and walnuts are more bitter than cake.

In fact, those are, for me, the predominant characters of this whisky, which actually makes it more to my taste. There’s still something of the citrus in here – orange peel, perhaps – as well as some slight aniseed or liquorice tones, and this comes through quite strongly on the nose. There’s a distinct cocoa flavour on the palate, a touch of hazelnut, and again a longish finish.

It’s a 12 year old scotch, 50% aged in sherry casks and 50% in bourbon casks, and is a limited edition bottling to raise money for the preservation of the Dee River. Around 10% of the retail price for the whisky goes to the Dee River Trust to support their work and enable conservation and sustainability efforts for this important part of Scotland’s natural heritage.

And it’s a very nice whisky.

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@davidjmclare Some good ones in that pic. Give the Highland Park a go. Very drinkable… 
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